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    NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS shims are used to fill gaps within a setup. In automation, they can be in between blocks, arms, and/or other spacers. They are offered with a thickness of 0.25mm, 0.50 mm, 1.00mm, or 2.00mm. The steel construction is made out of S.A.E. 1010 full hard steel with various coating finishes. 0.25mm and 2.00mm shims come without a coating while the 0.50mm comes with a yellow zinc dichromate coating and the 1.00mm comes with a black oxide coating. Shims also provide adjustment and support when areas need spacers to provide better fitting. We provide custom shims, they are available for order. Call us at 586-463-3200 for a quote. 

    More information on the different NAAMS shims can be found on the following topic pages.

    NAAMS Shim 1 slot
    1-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 2 slot
    2-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 3 slot
    3-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 4 slot
    4-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 5 slot
    5-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shims ASH Series
    25mm Series20mm Series
    NAAMS CodeSlotsThickness (A)FinishNAAMS CodeSlotsThickness (A)Finish
    ASH10510.50mmYellow Zinc DichromateASH105N10.50mmYellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH11011.00mmBlack OxideASH110N11.00mmBlack Oxide
    ASH30530.50mmYellow Zinc DichromateASH305N30.50mmYellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH31031.00mmBlack OxideASH310N31.00mmBlack Oxide
    ASH40540.50mmYellow Zinc DichromateASH405N40.50mmYellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH41041.00mmBlack OxideASH410N41.00mmBlack Oxide
    ASH50250.25mmNoNAAMS Shims ACH Series
    ASH50550.50mmYellow Zinc DichromateACH60220.25mmNo
    ASH51051.00mmBlack OxideACH60520.50mmYellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH52052.00mmNoACH61021.00mmBlack Oxide
    ASH60520.50mmYellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH61021.00mmBlack Oxide


    NAAMS Shim Tolerances
    PlaceWithin (mm)
    0± 0.5
    0.0± 0.3
    Slots10.5 ± 0.20
    Rounded EndsTrue Radius .5 of Width
    Locating Dimensions± 0.25
    MaterialS.A.E. 1010 Steel CRS

    NAAMS Shims