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    NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS shims are used to fill gaps within a setup. In automation, they can be in between blocks, arms, and/or other spacers. They are offered with a thickness of 0.25mm, 0.50 mm, 1.00mm, or 2.00mm. The steel construction is made out of S.A.E. 1010 full hard steel with various coating finishes. 0.25mm and 2.00mm shims come without a coating while the 0.50mm comes with a yellow zinc dichromate coating and the 1.00mm comes with a black oxide coating. Shims also provide adjustment and support when areas need spacers to provide better fitting. We provide custom shims, they are available for order. Call us at 586-463-3200 for a quote. 

    More information on the different NAAMS shims can be found on the following topic pages.

    NAAMS Shim 1 slot
    1-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 2 slot
    2-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 3 slot
    3-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 4 slot
    4-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shim 5 slot
    5-Slot NAAMS Shims

    NAAMS Shims ASH Series
    25mm Series20mm Series
    NAAMS Code Slots Thickness (A) Finish NAAMS Code Slots Thickness (A) Finish
    ASH102 1 0.25mm No ASH102N 1 0.25mm No
    ASH105 1 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate ASH105N 1 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH110 1 1.00mm Black Oxide ASH110N 1 1.00mm Black Oxide
    ASH120 1 2.00mm No ASH120N 1 2.00mm No
    ASH302 3 0.25mm No ASH302N 3 0.25mm No
    ASH305 3 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate ASH305N 3 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH310 3 1.00mm Black Oxide ASH310N 3 1.00mm Black Oxide
    ASH320 3 2.00mm No ASH320N 3 2.00mm No
    ASH402 4 0.25mm No ASH402N 4 0.25mm No
    ASH405 4 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate ASH405N 4 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH410 4 1.00mm Black Oxide ASH410N 4 1.00mm Black Oxide
    ASH420 4 2.00mm No ASH420N 4 2.00mm No
    ASH502 5 0.25mm No NAAMS Shims ACH Series
    ASH505 5 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate ACH602 2 0.25mm No
    ASH510 5 1.00mm Black Oxide ACH605 2 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH520 5 2.00mm No ACH610 2 1.00mm Black Oxide
    ASH602 2 0.25mm No ACH620 2 2.00mm No
    ASH605 2 0.50mm Yellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH610 2 1.00mm Black Oxide
    ASH620 2 2.00mm No


    NAAMS Shim Tolerances
    Place Within (mm)
    0 ± 0.5
    0.0 ± 0.3
    Slots 10.5 ± 0.20
    Rounded Ends True Radius .5 of Width
    Locating Dimensions ± 0.25
    Material S.A.E. 1010 Steel CRS

    NAAMS Shims