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    NAAMS Shims 5 Slot

    naams shims 5 slot

    5 Slotted NAAMS shims are only offered in the standard 25mm. The narrow (N) series can be made as a custom piece per customer requests.

    Standard NAAMS Shims 5 Slot 25mm Series
    NAAMS CodeASurface Coating
    ASH502 0.25 None
    ASH505 0.5 Yellow Zinc Dichromate
    ASH510 1 Black Oxide
    ASH520 2 None
    Regular NAAMS 5 Slot Shim Pack ASH5 (Call-In)
    QuantityNAAMS Code
    2 ASH502
    3 ASH505
    1 ASH510
    1 ASH520