What Is Modular Welding?

Here at Freer Tool and Supply, we’re dedicated to helping you with all of your welding needs. We are able to offer everything that goes into modular welding tables and fixtures. Anything that goes into your fabrication and setup can be completed through us.

Let’s talk about what a modular design concept entails. This design concept is based on the premise of using single modules in a system to accomplish a common goal. There is a standardized system that all of the modules are built upon so parts are interchangeable with one another. With interchangeable individual parts, the components can be made to higher quality standards because each product line receives its own manufacturing and inspection. They are independent of each other but can be used in the same setup.

So, how does this work in the welding world? Modular welding takes advantage of this concept by utilizing modular welding tables and modular fixtures. The welding table is the system in which the fixtures are made to be used with. Our tables come in 28mm system bore so all fixtures are made for and come with 28mm bore sizes. Being able to slide clamps into bores allows the user to setup or change out particular components on the fly. Brackets, no matter how big or small, easily slide on and off the welding table to cut down on lead times. This modular design concept not only keeps your workspace clean but also makes workflow more efficient.

Modular Welding Tables 

Modular welding tables are a break-through in the welding world. The modular design allows for fast and easy adjustments which help to accommodate any job. Table surfaces are set as a grid with engraved lines and a bore system. This allows the welder to quickly add or remove fixtures without having to move the parts that are going to be welded. All tables are of steel construction for a strong and rigid surface, able to handle anything from light to heavy setups. Hardened tables not only give you an extended lifespan but also aid in resisting weld spatter.

The 28mm system comes with standardized 28mm bores 100mm apart. Also within the system is a 100mm grid that helps with placement and setup. A 25mm thickness guarantees true toughness and durability that will give you peace of mind when setting up heavy objects yet smooth enough for delicate pieces.

Two-dimensional tables offer a single flat surface. With the system bore and grid lines, a 2D table has modular capabilities without the extra bulk and weight. Three-dimensional tables offer the welder 5 sides of system bores. With 3D tables, all sides are accessible for modular fixtures. It works great for table or edge extensions.

Octagonal tables are also 3D and are usually attached to robotics for automation welding but can be used for regular setups.

Modular Fixtures

Gone are the days of having to build custom fixtures for all of your setup needs. When using those one-off custom fixtures, materials are wasted. Many times they lay around the shop for a long time without seeing another use or are disposed of. Modular welding fixtures eliminate that. When combined with a modular welding table, the setup possibilities are endless. You’ll never have to turn down another welding job because the modular concept can adapt and adjust to whatever is needed.

Handling tough angles and corners are simple with angle plates. Right 90° and 45° angles can easily be achieved with magnets that will hold your pieces together until the weld is done. Multi-sided angle brackets can hold your parts upright or level throughout the job. Clamps and workholding components hold down your workpieces so you don’t have to stress about it tipping or falling out of place while you work.

Complete Modular Welding Setups

The setup configuration possibilities are literally endless. Fixtures can be combined to accommodate any type of weld. Whether it’s big pipes or heavy steel tubing to sheet metal, a modular welding table and fixtures is a welder’s best friend. Reduce setup and break-down time of your jobs to open up availability for more work opportunities.

Our full line of modular welding tables and fixtures can be found in our pdf by clicking HERE.

Custom Modular Welding Packages

There are many companies out there that will sell you packages filled with fixtures that you may never use or even need. Here at Freer Tool and Supply, we want to offer you only the components you need. We offer a completely FREE service to help you customize fixtures for your part. Just send in your part and we will design a complete modular welding table and fixture setup to show you how it will look even before you purchase anything. Contact Sales@Freertool.com and we’ll make it happen.

Full Designing Capabilities

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