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    Workholding for modular welding tables include a variety of bolts and clamps. As STQ and positioning bolts secure angles, blocks, and stops, our clamps, on the other hand, will hold your parts in place while you work. These parts in conjunction with a modular welding table, allows you to get the perfect setup every time. With a modular concept, you're able to do quick setups and breakdowns which will increase productivity and efficiency in your process.

    Our STQ bolts come with a 4 ball design that locks into place with the bottom bore of the table. It's offered with a hand tightening knob and also countersunk for SW8 hex wrench locking. The surface is hardened to 50 HRC. Connecting bolts are also countersunk but are tightened with as SW10 hex wrench and meant for a more long-term connection. Positioning bolts do not lock but are meant for placement and to be used with an STQ bolt. It allows for single hand operation and quick use. The quick clamping bolt is also meant for single hand operation and locks to the bottom of the table with bearings.

    While bolts are used for fixtures, clamps are meant for your parts. They come in an assortment of sizes and angles. Our offerings include toggle clamps, hand-screw, and hex bolt tighteners. Toggle clamps come with either telescoping pipes or a bore fitting bottom. The bore fitting bottom toggle clamps go right into a 28mm system bore modular welding table with little to no adjustments at all. Clamps with telescoping pipes typically include two pipes, except 90° clamps. Tube heights include 220, 350, and 500mm with a 90° or 180° 220mm extension pipe. The clamping units and pipes, except the 90° extension, are interchangeable. Switching out the hex bolt clamping unit for a hand-screw or toggle clamp is quick and simple. Pipes can also be configured for a wide variation of heights and lengths.

    We are now offering a service to fully fixture your parts and design your setup, free of charge. We'll show and sell you only the fixtures you need and not extras that other companies do.

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