Laser Cutting Services

FL3015 Fiber is an industry-standard high-energy fiber laser cutting machine.

  •  High-stiff mainframe that minimizes vibration
  •  Ultralight and high-stiff cutting bridge
  •  Dynamic motion control
  •  Tube cutting (optional)
  •  Optimal thick plate cutting by the smart cut
  •  Quick piercing that shortens the piercing time and improves the quality
  •  No need for separate oscillator room (a thermo-hygrostat mounted in oscillator)
  •  High precision and high-quality cutting of ultra-thin (0.1mm~0.5mm) materials
  •  Cutting of high-reflective and high-level processing material
  •  No alignment / No overhaul / No mirror

Our Service

1. Bending laser cut parts (60-ton Accupress with Hurco controller)

2. The tapping of laser cut holes (M5-M10 on a short run/low qty of tapped holes)

3. Water jet cutting for job packages that contain materials that exceed the laser’s max thicknesses. We can do laser and water jet on the same project. This helps to keep our customer’s project together and easier to manage with a single source.

4. Welding

5. Painting

6. Part ID – acid and engrave

7. Heat Treat

8. Machining

9. CMM inspection

10. Custom Laser Cutting Jobs

11. Custom Shims

Fill out a contact form, call us at (586) 463-3200 or email us at to get a quote next business day or sooner. In addition to our wide selection of standardized components, we can reverse engineer your parts with our laser inspection machine or work off your prints. From short run to high volume production, showpiece logos to tool tags - we are your one-stop laser cutting solution.