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    NAAMS Standards, or North American Automotive Metric Standards, are global standard components used for assembly and stamping in manufacturing. They were created and are still maintained through a collaborative effort by FCA North America LLC., Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, and their suppliers. These standards are set to outline and specify components that are approved to design and manufacture stamping dies and tooling for use in production or joining various sheet metal products as part of the vehicle body and/or assembly process. The initiative first began under the sponsorship of the Auto/Steel Partnership in 1992 and then later transferred in 2010 to the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR).


    In 1992, the three North American Based Automotive Companies which were Ford Motor Company, General Motors Corporation, and DaimlerChrysler Corporation at the time, along with a community of suppliers, all participated together in a voluntary project under the sponsorship of the Auto/Steel Partnership (A/SP). The team addressed the practice of using common metric convention and standard components that were being used in stamping dies. They were known as the NAAMS Stamping Team and their work led to the publication of the NAAMS Stamping Standards, which was formerly known as Forming and Stamping Standards, in January 1995. Similarly, the Mechanical Components Project Team addressed the same common and standard components being used in body assembly tooling and their work led to publishing the NAAMS Assembly Standards, formerly known as Assembly and Fabrication Standards, in March of 1996. These standards have aided in reducing the number of parts with similar functionality. In doing so, they have drastically reduced the cost and lead-time needed to manufacture stamping and assembly tools.

    The A/SP started with the big three automotive manufacturers and twelve other North American steel producers in 1987. They added these standards to their website in 1997 to help give quick access to the ongoing changes, new standards, and updates for users everywhere. The open communication that was created helps to nurture an understanding and cooperation to benefit all parties and improve automotive designs, processes, and tooling.

    Information provided by www.naamsstandards.org/

    The current NAAMS Standards catalog can be found here: NAAMS Standards Catalog

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    product image of a naams standards base product image of naams standards angled riser bracket product image of naams standards fastener screws

    product image of 3 naams standards power clamps product image of 2 l block naams standards naams standards locating pins

    naams standards pin retainers assembly product image of 3 naams standards shims and spacers picture of a naams standards master block

    picture of 2 naams standards stop blocks picture of multiple naams standards rough locators picture of a naams standards pivot

    product images for 3 naams standards nc blocks picture of naams standards light assembly and peripheral components picture of naams standards safety screen systems

    picture of a naams standards switch mounting bracket picture of a NAAMS Standards clevis assembly picture of a naams standards pin mounting modular assembly

    picture of a naams standards two leg pass/load stand picture of a naams standards certification block picture of a naams standard h series end effector frame

    product image of 2 naams standards rest blocks with two thru holes product image of a naams standards safety pin and safety pin retainer

    NAAMS Standards