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    NAAMS Locating Pin Retainers - APR Series

    NAAMS pin retainers are blocks made specifically for NAAMS locating pins. They retain the desired location of the pins during the automation process. Use these in your setup to get consistent and repeatable results. We offer all current and discontinued components which are manufactured in-house. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified so you can expect a great product.

    Types of Pin Retainers

    naams horizontal locating pin retainer
    Horizontal Locating Pin Retainers
    NAAMS horizontal pin retainers are used to extend a straight plane with a perpendicular locating pin. They are manufactured from ASTM A-36 steel or Stainless Steel depending on the NAAMS codes. These come with either 3 or 4 hole configuration with tapped and untapped hole variations. All locating pin holes for horizontal pin retainers are 16mm in diameter.

    naams vertical locating pin retainer
    Vertical Locating Pin Retainers
    NAAMS vertical pin retainers help to extend a straight plane while placing the locating pin parallel to the original plane and block. We offer both stainless steel and ASTM A-36 steel versions of vertical locating pin retainers. Pinholes are bored to 16mm in diameter.

    Tolerances for all NAAMS locating pin retainers are ±0.3 to 1 place, ±0.03 to 2 places, and ±0.020 to 3 places.

    We have the capabilities to manufacture to any specifications. Custom orders may be placed at 586-463-3200 or For the full catalog, click on the link below.
    NAAMS Locating Pin Retainers

    If you would like CAD models of locating pin retainers in NAAMS Standards or of custom designs, please send requests to

    NAAMS Standards Pin Retainers APR Series
    NAAMS CodeTap HolesMaterialNAAMS CodeTap HolesMaterial
    APR0103/8-16 TAPSteel / ASTM A-36APR087MFOR M8 SHCSSTEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR010MM10 x 1.5APR088MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0113/8-16 TAPSS type 303 or 304APR201MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36
    APR011MM10 x 1.5APR202MSS type 303 or 304
    APR01213/32Steel / ASTM A-36APR203M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR012M11mmAPR204MSS type 303 or 304
    APR01313/32SS type 303 or 304APR211MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36
    APR013M11mmAPR212MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0203/8-16 TAPSteel / ASTM A-36APR221M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR020MM10 x 1.5APR222MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0213/8-16 TAPSS type 303 or 304APR231MM8 x 1.25STEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR021MM10 x 1.5APR232MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0303/8-16 TAPSteel / ASTM A-36APR233M9mmSTEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR030MM10 x 1.5APR234MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0313/8-16 TAPSS type 303 or 304APR241MSTEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR031MM10 x 1.5APR242MSS type 303 or 304
    APR03213/32Steel / ASTM A-36APR250MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36
    APR032M11mmAPR251MSS type 303 or 304
    APR03313/32SS type 303 or 304APR252M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR033M11mmAPR253MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0403/8-16 TAPSteel / ASTM A-36APR255MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36
    APR040MM10 x 1.5APR256MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0413/8-16 TAPSS type 303 or 304APR260M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR041MM10 x 1.5APR261MSS type 303 or 304
    APR045MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36APR265MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36
    APR046MM8 x 1.25SS type 303 or 304APR266MSS type 303 or 304
    APR05013/32Steel / ASTM A-36APR267Mfor M8 SHCSSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR050M11mmAPR268MSS type 303 or 304
    APR05113/32SS type 303 or 304APR271MM8 x 1.25STEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR051M11mmAPR272MSS type 303 or 304
    APR055M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36APR273M9mmSTEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR056MSS type 303 or 304APR274MSS type 303 or 304
    APR058MSS type 303 or 304APR277MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0603/8-16 TAPSteel / ASTM A-36APR280MM8 x 1.25STEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR060MM10 x 1.5APR281MSS type 303 or 304
    APR0613/8-16 TAPSS type 303 or 304APR282MFOR M8 SHCSSTEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR061MM10 x 1.5APR283MSS type 303 or 304
    APR062for 3/8” SHCSSteel / ASTM A-36APR310MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36
    APR062Mfor M10 SHCSAPR311MSS type 303 or 304
    APR063for 3/8” SHCSSS type 303 or 304APR312M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR063Mfor M10 SHCSAPR313MSS type 303 or 304
    APR065MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36APR314MM8 x 1.25STEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR066MM8 x 1.25SS type 303 or 304APR315MSS type 303 or 304
    APR067Mfor M8 SHCSSteel / ASTM A-36APR316M9mmSTEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR068MSS type 303 or 304APR317MSS type 303 or 304
    APR07013/32Steel / ASTM A-36APR320MM8 x 1.25Steel / ASTM A-36
    APR070M11mmAPR321MSS type 303 or 304
    APR07113/32SS type 303 or 304APR330MSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR071M11mmAPR331MSS type 303 or 304
    APR075M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36APR332M9mmSteel / ASTM A-36
    APR076MSS type 303 or 304APR333MSS type 303 or 304
    APR077MSTEEL / ASTM A-36APR336MM8 x 1.25STEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR078MSS type 303 or 304APR337MSS type 303 or 304
    APR085MM8 x 1.25STEEL / ASTM A-36APR338M9mmSTEEL / ASTM A-36
    APR086MSS type 303 or 304APR339MSS type 303 or 304
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    Picture of NAAMS Pin Retainer APR010

    NAAMS Pin Retainer APR010

    Freer NAAMS Pin Retainer APR010.

    Material used is Steel / ASTM A-36.

    Picture of NAAMS Pin Retainer APR010M

    NAAMS Pin Retainer APR010M

    Freer NAAMS Pin Retainer APR010M.

    Pin retainer is in metrics.

    Material used is Steel / ASTM A-36.

    Picture of NAAMS Pin Retainer APR011

    NAAMS Pin Retainer APR011

    Freer NAAMS Pin Retainer APR011.

    Material used is SS type 303 or 304.

    Picture of NAAMS Pin Retainer APR011M

    NAAMS Pin Retainer APR011M

    Freer NAAMS Pin Retainer APR011M.

    Pin retainer is in metrics.

    Material used is SS type 303 or 304.

    Picture of NAAMS Pin Retainer APR012

    NAAMS Pin Retainer APR012

    Freer NAAMS Pin Retainer APR012.

    Material used is Steel / ASTM A-36.

    Picture of NAAMS Pin Retainer APR012M

    NAAMS Pin Retainer APR012M

    Freer NAAMS Pin Retainer APR012M.

    Pin retainer is in metrics.

    Material used is Steel / ASTM A-36.

    NAAMS Locating Pin Retainers - APR Series