Elite Abrasives


Elite Abrasives has a history of providing top-quality products at a price our customers love. The demand from customers for improved surface finishes drove us to delve deeply into the field of abrasives. We have become very knowledgeable in the field of abrasives and manufacture Flap Discs, Clean & Strip-It Discs, Surface Conditioning Discs, Quick Change Discs, and Resin Fiber Discs. Our products are used to grind, cut, blend, and polish metal and a variety of other materials. Each of our products' performance is outstanding and is priced extremely competitively.

Our employees are customer service oriented, product knowledgeable, and courteous. These qualities have allowed Elite Abrasives to become one of the largest independent sellers of flap discs in the United States. We look forward to working in partnership with your company, lowering both your finishing time and costs.

In addition to our superior performing products and excellent service, we also offer a Private Label Program that is engineered to get your branded product to market quickly and to maximize your margins. We offer basic pre-branded labels, premium designed labels, custom-designed labels, packaging labels, as well as unlabeled products. Join our program today to start increasing your bottom line!

It has always been our mission to provide superior performing products which solve complex machining challenges for the metalworking industry. We are dedicated to our customers and the industry as a whole and combine ongoing, continuous improvement processes. Our lead-by-example culture has allowed us to provide exceptional customer service, build long-lasting customer relationships and manufacture the highest abrasives and cutting tools in the industry.