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    24 CNC Milling Centers

    HAAS VF-422 with VBX-160

    '2018 HAAS VF-4SS *True 5th Axis w/ Rotary/Trunnion addon* Super-Speed Vertical Machining Center; 50" x 20" x 25" (1270 x 508 x 635 mm), 40 taper, 30 hp (22.4 kW) vector drive, 12,000 rpm, inline direct-drive, 30+1 side-mount tool changer, 1400 ipm (35.6 m/min) rapids. (3 Machines)

    2017 Brother R450X1 Speedio

    '2017 Brother R450X1 SPEEDIO *5th Axis* 2-face pallet changer, 0-16,000 rpm in 0.15 secs, 14 pcs tool capacity with 1.7secs change time, 600 x 300mm table size (one side), 120kg max load capacity. Travel Capacity (mm) of X 450 Y 320 Z 305. (4 Machines)

    2015 HAAS VF-5XT

    '2015 HAAS VF-5XT 5 AXIS 30hp CNC Vertical Mill 40 Taper 10,000 RPM spindle with thru spindle coolant 300psi, wireless interactive probing system. Travel X: 50" Y: 26" Z: 25"
    '2015 HAAS VF-5XT with 4th and 5th AXIS 30hp CNC Vertical Mill, 40 Taper 10,000 RPM spindle with thru spindle coolant 300psi, wireless interactive probing system. Travel X: 50" Y: 26" Z: 25"
    '2015 HAAS VF-5XT 4th AXIS 30hp CNC Vertical Mill 40 Taper 10,000 RPM spindle with thru spindle coolant 300psi, wireless interactive probing system. Travel X: 50" Y: 26"  Z: 25"
    '2015 HAAS VF-5XT 30hp CNC Vertical Mills 40 taper 10,000 RPM spindle with thru spindle coolant 300psi, wireless interactive probing system. Travel X:50" Y:26" Z:25" (3 Machines)
    '2015 HAAS VF-5/50XT 50 Taper 30hp CNC Vertical Mill Travel X:50" Y:26" Z:25". Spindle speed of 7,500 RPM. 30+1 Tool Changer with thru spindle coolant. (4 Machines)
    '2015 HAAS VF 3YT 50 Taper Vertical Mill high-speed machining center with Midaco A4020SD pallet changer with 300 psi thru coolant spindle. Rigid tapping capabilities. 30 tool changer. 7,500 RPM spindle. Travel X:40" Y:26" Z:25" (2 Machines)
    '2015 HAAS VF3SS 30hp 12,000 RPM 40 Taper spindle CNC Vertical Mill with Cool-Jet L8-1000 add-on for high speed thru spindle coolant, wireless interactive probing system, 40+1 tool capacity. Travel X:40" Y:20" Z:25" (2 Machines)
    ‘2013 HAAS TM-1P CNC 7.5 HP Vertical CNC Machining center, 40 taper, 6,000 rpm spindle. Travel capacity of X 30” Y 16” Z 16”
    '2010 Toyoda FV965 25hp Vertical CNC Machining Center, 40 Taper (4th Axis) Spindle speed range from 0-8,000 RPM. Travel X:35" Y:25" Z:24"
    '2009 Toyoda FV2090 *4th Axis* 50 Taper 35hp CNC Milling Center with 300 psi thru spindle coolant. 30-tool changer capacity, Travel X:78" Y:35" Z:35"

    2015 Mazak Quick Turn Universal 250

    9 CNC Turning Centers

    '2015 Mazak Quick Turn Universal 250 20hp 4500 RPM spindle 8" chuck with 16" max machining Dia. 25" max machining length. (2 Machines)
    '2014 Mazak Quick Turn Nexus 400 II 50hp 2500 RPM spindle 12" chuck with 23" max machining Dia and 40.395" max machining length.
    ’2014 Mazak Quick Turn Smart 250 35HP 4000 rpm spindle 10” chuck with 14” max machining Dia. 19” max. machining length (3 machines)
    ‘2014 Mazak Quick Turn Smart 100 S 15Hp 6000 rpm spindle 6” chuck with 11” max machining dia. 12” max length
    ‘2013 Mazak Quick Turn Smart 300 35 HP 4000 rpm spindle 10” chuck with 16.5’ max machining Dia. 25” max Length
    ‘2007 HAAS SL-30 Turning Center, 10" Chuck, 3400 RPM, 30 HP with 880 MP-E 12-foot bar feeder.  Bar sizes from .300 to 3.125.  Holds 6 bars.
    ‘2005 Clausing/Colchester Lathe Model #8030VS 15" x 25" 10HP w/Pratt-Burnerd chuck and Acu-Rite TurnMate readout
    '1995 Sherline Precision Miniature Lathe 3.5" x 18"


    HK 3015 FIber

    Laser Cutting

    HK FL-3015 FIBER 2.0-6.0kW Fiber Oscillator, Mild Steel: 12-20mm, Stainless (Clean Cut): 8-15mm, Aluminum: 8-15mm, Copper: 4-8mm, Brass: 6-12mm. Max work area: 3,048 x 1,524mm. Position Accuracy: ±0.1mm/3,000mm. Repeatability: ±0.03mm.

    FabriVISION Inspection Machine

    Maximum Part Thickness 200mm (8.0")
    Maximum Part Weight 90kg (200lbs)
    MaximumScanZone(single scan)
    FabriVISION Laser FVL-HD3030 – 760mm x 760mm (30" x 30")
    FabriVISION Laser FVL-HD4848 – 1220mm x 1220mm (48" x 48")
    Oversize PartsCapable, with merged scan feature

    OMAX 5555 JetMachining Center

    Water Jet Machining Center

    OMAX 5555 JetMachining Center X-Y Cutting Travel 4' 7" x 4' 7" Z-Axis Travel 8.00" Table Size – (L x W) 6' 8" x 5' 5" Speed 180 in/min Linear Positional Accuracy ±0.001" Repeatability ±0.0010"

    2001 Bridgeport

    Bridgeport Milling

    '2001 Bridgeport  EZ-Trak Series II CNC 3-AXIS Mill
    '1998 Bridgeport Series II Vertical Milling Machine 9" x 42" table
    3HP Bridgeport Series II Vertical Milling Machine 9" x 42" table

    13 Grinding Centers

    Weldon AGN4 High Precision Small Part OD Grinder

    '2017 Weldon AGN4 High Precision Small Part OD Grinder

    2005 Jones & Shipman Ultramat 1000

    ‘2005 Jones & Shipman Ultramat 1000 CNC Easy Grind OD Grinder, capacity 12" diameter x 40" long w/gaging, can grind ODs to .0001 plus or minus .00005
    ‘2000 Clausing CSG1640ASDX Automatic Wet Grinder w/ 16" x 40" work area.
    ‘1997 SharpPlus OD618A Automatic Cylindrical Grinder w/ID Attachment and 6" x 18" work area, DRO Readout .0001
    ‘1997 Sharp SP616 Surface Grinder w/6" x 16" work area and Acu-Rite Qwikcount DRO readout .0001
    ‘1968 Toyoda Model GU28-100 11” x 40” Universal Cylindrical Grinder Max. swing 11.8”Equipped with swing down internal Grinding attachment, coolant System and hydraulic unit
    ‘1988  Parker Majestic Surface Grinders w/6" x 18" work area and Acu-Rite Qwikcount DRO readout .0001 (2 Machines)
    Parker-Majestic Type A Internal Grinder w/10" x 24" work area and 3, 4, and magnetic chucks with extra spindles and accessories
    Moore Jig Grinder Model #3 w/Sony digital readout .0001
    Elgin-30 Rotary Blanchard Surface Grinder w/30" table
    Norton OD Grinder w/6" x 30" work area
    Heald ID Grinder Model 273A w/20" swing
    Ecolo-Tech Dust Collector Model SF7DD

    Mitutoyo B-241 CMM

    Quality and Inspection

    Mitutoyo B-241 CMM Bridge type 42 x 32 x 22 table air ride, air lock, w/Quadra-Check IK5000 2015 update
    Mitutoyo B 715 CMM Bridge type 68 x 32 x 22 table air ride, air lock with Quadra check IK5000 2015 update
    Jones & Lamson Optical Comparator Model Epic 30 w/Quadra-Check 200 (readouts .00005)
    FabriVISION Laser Inspection Machine FabriVISION Laser samples thousands of points for a true 100% inspection Automatically compares first article inspection results to the original CAD drawings Full CE certification on machine inspect any opaque flat part, including plexiglas, gasket materials, and other rigid parts.
    Mitutoyo 0 - 24" Precision Height master (3)
    Mitutoyo 0 - 18" Digital Height master (6)
    Tool pre Setter Alfa Set 35 2014 swift with 12” x 18” measuring capabilities
    Omni Gage 5" - 19"  (.000050 accuracy)
    Gage Block Sets--Certification available upon request (10)
    .011 - 1.0 Pin Gage Set (5)
    Mitutoyo Profilometer
    Assorted Thread Gages
    4' x 6' Granite Surface Plate
    Assorted Inspection Equipment
    Wilson Rockwell Hardness Tester
    Sunnen Dial Bore Gages (4)

    2008 Fanuc Robocut Alpha

    EDM Machining Center

    '2008 Fanuc Robocut Alpha OiD Wire EDM Travels X:14.5" Y:10.6" Z:10" and equipped with Fanuc 310iS-WA CNC Control

    Supporting Equipment

    Hurco Accurpress Bender - 60 ton, 6 ft bed hydraulic bender press  
    Hydmech H-18A
    Hydmech H-18A
    Production Saw H series 10” to 22” capacity Auto Feed


    Induction Systems ProScan Model MD24V3 Medium Duty Dual Spindle Verticle Scanning System, 480vac @ 30 amps, 5kW 480vac quench heater. Process 0.25" to 2.5" round and 24" long, 2 at a time.

    Kalamazoo H460SA Semi-Automatic Band saw,  18” Bundle
    Peerless HB1650B  Autofeed Band Saw
    Behringer C-916A Production Band Saw
    Hydraulic Bender – bends up to 1” x 4” wide hot rolled steel
    National 12 speed – 1hp drill press (2 machines)
    Clausing Four Head Gang Drill, 33” x 88” Table w/4 2hp Motors
    ZEKS Heat Sinks Refrigerated Air Dryer Model FXT 250
    Sullair S- Energy 3009 Rotary Screw Air Compressor 40hp
    Trinco 36/BP2 Sand Blaster 
    Mr. Deburr – Vibrating Tumbler
    16” Granite Bench Center
    36” Granite Bench Center 
    ’2005 Inducto Heat Statislian II Vertical Scan Heating Machine (Induction hardening) 2 1/8” diameter max with 18” vertical travel
    Behringer HBP220A Band Saw 9 1/8” width, 9” height w/ Automatic feed
    Sunnen MBC-1802 Precision Honing Machine w/gaging, power stroke
    Miller Delta Fab wire feed tig welder
    Miller Syncroware 250 dx mig welder
    KBC 9648 6" Horizontal Disc and Belt Sander
    Dayton 4 ton Press w/punches
    Hydraulic Press 50 Ton
    Pacific Rim Industrial Chiller