Sankyo Oilless

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Sankyo offers an array of materials for different applications that all offer Oilless technology for maintenance-free operation reducing the cost of maintenance and increasing your production.

Sankyo also supplies components to many other General Industry applications such as Pharmaceutical, Food Processing/Packaging, Heavy Machinery, Bridges, Dams, Water Gates, and Aerospace. Sankyo Oilless products are a great solution for hard to access areas, extreme environments, applications that are objectionable to oil/grease contamination, very high load, or applications where maintenance is neglected.

Sankyo Oilless Ind (USA) Corp is a global leader in the manufacture of precision components
servicing the die, mold, and general industry markets. Sankyo products are self-lubricating so the
applications, where they will be used, are targeted to everything from tool and die, heavy equipment,
special machines, and any type of industry where oil-based lubricants are costly to purchase, hard
to maintain or can contaminate the work environment causing health and safety issues.

Sankyo can also manufacture components to customer specifications. Provide a print, cad data, or dimensions of the part(s) to receive a quote. We have engineers on staff for assistance if needed. Quick turnaround projects are welcome.
Sankyo adheres to strict manufacturing quality standards and is ISO/QS certified. Our global network spans 5 continents with 9 manufacturing facilities as well as sales and distribution centers.