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    Un-A-Lok® Liner Bushings – Metric (ULM)

    Un-A-Lok® Liner Bushings – Metric (ULM)

    Drill-Jig Bushings

    Similar to a Metric Head Liner Bushing, but incorporating a sturdy locking tab that eliminates the need for a Lockscrew. ULM Un-A-Lok® Liners are permanent bushings used to hold SFM renewable drill bushings (on the "slip" side only, not the "fixed" side). Although slightly more expensive than a head liner plus a Lockscrew, installation time is dramatically reduced. Note: the "length" listed for an ULM bushing refers to its overall length not including locking tab, not its length under the head. Patent no. 3,015,242 and 3,099,079.

    Complete part numbers for all standard Metric Un-A-Lok® Liner Bushings are listed in the tables below.

    Application Information

    Metric Un-A-Lok® Liners are functionally similar to Metric Head Liner Bushings, except that they incorporate a sturdy locking tab that eliminates the need for a Lockscrew, reducing installation time dramatically.

    ID Tolerance

    Standard Liner ID Tolerance (G6):
    From 8 to 10mm +.005/+.014mm
    Over 10 to 18mm +.006/+.017mm

    OD Tolerance

    Standard OD Tolerance (s6):
    12 to 18mm +.039/+.028
    22 to 30mm +.048/+.035

    Optional Installation Tool

    This handy tool allows installing Un-A-Lok® liners quickly and smoothly with an arbor press. This universal tool works for all sizes of Un-A-Lok® Liners.


    1144 Stressproof steel, heat treated to achieve Rc 62-64 ID hardness. Other materials are available by special order. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

    Un-A-Lok® Liner Bushings – Metric (ULM)