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    Tensioning with Clamping Mechanisms

    Push-Pull Toggle Clamps, Latch Type Toggle Clamps, Toggle Latches, Pneumatic Fastening Clamps

    Toggle clamps are used for temporary clamping that can be employed and released easily via the motion of a handle, lever, or pneumatic switch. Different applications for toggle clamps require different configurations, including vertical, push-pull, cam, latch, and hook designs. They also require different sizes and clamping pressure. We offer this large variety of designs in our toggle clamps line, in both steel and stainless steel, as well as accessories and related products like spindles, toggle pliers, toggle screws, knee lever modules, plastic handles, clamping arms and extenders, bushings, base plates and proximity switches.
    Also in this section are our heavy-duty pneumatic power clamps from Misati. This unique line of products is designed to produce greater clamping force from a smaller design, saving both space and money. Along with the four styles of power clamps, we offer a full array of accessories for mounting and controlling the clamps.

    Special modifications available:

    • mounting holes
    • kitting, packaging, and labeling
    • assembly
    JW Winco toggle clamps are a great alternative to Destaco (De-Sta-Co) and Carr Lane toggle clamps. On request, we also offer Goodhand and AMF toggle clamps.

    Toggle clamps are also referred to as:

    toggle latches, latches, push-pull clamps, power clamps, and pneumatic clamps, clamps