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    Tapped-Heel Clamp Straps (Steel)

    Tapped-Heel Clamp Straps (Steel)

    Clamps & Accessories

    The heavy-duty steel version of our Tapped-Heel Clamp Straps, with a radius nose to provide firm workpiece contact. These clamp straps have a tapped heel that accepts a clamping screw or adjustable rear support. When used with a clamping screw, clamp by tightening the screw. When used with a rear support, clamp by tightening the center nut. An indentation at the rear of each side provides a secure finger grip for retracting the clamp. Available to fit stud sizes 1/4-20 to 3/4-10 (M6 to M20 in metric), each in a choice of strap lengths. Made in the USA.

    This clamp strap can be ordered by itself, or in a complete clamp assembly. The available assemblies are:

    -HH Assembly with Hex-Head Clamping Screw
    -HK Assembly with Hand-Knob Clamping Screw
    -LF Assembly with Leveling Foot
    -OP Assembly with Clamp Rest


    Tapped-Heel Clamp Straps have a tapped hole that accepts either a clamping screw for use with a slotted guide block, as shown here or an adjustable rear support.


    Clamp Strap > 1018 steel, carburized-hardened, black oxide finish. For material specifications of assembly components, see the catalog page for each specific item. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

    Tapped-Heel Clamp Straps (Steel)