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    Swing Clamps (Top Flange, Cartridge Type)

    Standard Clamping Arms

    Power Workholding

    Standard Clamping Arms are compact yet provide considerable reach. These forged steel arms are available in four sizes, to fit five different Swing Clamp series, with a choice of the USA or metric contact-bolt threads. An adjustable contact bolt is furnished. Also available in a blank, untapped version that can be cut to length or otherwise modified. Series 2 (Compact) Swing Clamps can operate at up to 7250 psi with these arms. Series 3, 5, 6, and 7 Swing Clamps are limited to 3000 psi with these arms (at full length).


    Mount arm on the tapered piston rod at the desired orientation, then fasten with the piston-rod nut included with Swing Clamp.


    Forged 4142 alloy steel, black oxide finish. Contact bolt > Steel, grade 8, black oxide finish. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

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    Robust (3,4,5,6 Series)

    SKU: CL-Robust (3,4,5,6 Series)
    MPN: Robust (3,4,5,6 Series)
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    Arm swings clear for easy loading. These compact, economical, heavy-duty Swing Clamps have a reinforced swing mechanism and a heavier clamping arm to exert high clamping force in relation to clamp size – especially important at lower operating pressures (450 to 5000 psi operating range). Robust Swing Clamps are also ideal when using longer, heavier custom arms. Top-flange cartridge-type clamps are designed specifically for space-saving manifold mounting. Integral flow-control orifice allows using high-flow-rate power sources without separate flow restrictors. Arm can be mounted to start its 90° swing from any position within 360°.

    Swing Clamps (Top Flange, Cartridge Type)