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    Swing Clamps (Threaded Cartridge)

    Compact Swing Clamps – Threaded Cartridge

    Power Workholding

    Swing Clamps utilize a sturdy helical-cam mechanism to swing the clamping arm clear for unrestricted loading. The Compact Swing Clamps shown here are extremely small, economical clamps suitable for many applications. Clamping arm can be mounted to start its 90° swing from any position within 360°. The threaded-cartridge version is designed specifically for space-saving manifold mounting.

    Clamping Action

    Available with clockwise, counterclockwise, or zero° swing
    Swing Clamps are pull-type cylinders where part of the total stroke is used to swing the piston, and the remaining stroke is available as the clamping range. Applying fluid pressure swings arm 90° over workpiece then clamps down. The single-acting version shown here has a fast, totally dependable spring return that lifts the arm, then swings it back 90° for loading/unloading.

    Design Considerations

    Due to their small size, these Swing Clamps do not have overload protection; therefore the swing motion must not be restricted in any way. Be sure to adjust the contact bolt so that the clamp completes its full swing stroke and starts its clamping stroke before contacting the workpiece. To be safe, use low operating pressure during initial setup.

    Do not exceed the maximum fluid flow rate in the table. For extended clamp life, a simple flow-control valve may be required if the fixture is powered by a high-flow-rate power source and only contains a few clamps. Clamping time should be at least one second.

    Mounting & Fluid Supply

    Screw clamp into fixture up to the body hex. Threaded-cartridge clamps have O-ring seals on their outside diameter, so they require a precision mounting hole. Carefully follow hole-preparation instructions in the drawings. Fluid passages must be drilled exactly as shown in the drawings. Do not use NPT fittings.

    Clamping Arm

    Order clamping arm, screw, and washer separately. Clamping arm includes a contact bolt.


    Piston > Alloy steel, nitrated for wear and corrosion resistance. Housing > Mild steel, nitrated for wear and corrosion resistance. Piston rod wiper > Viton.

    Swing Clamps (Threaded Cartridge)