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    Rectangular Tooling Plates (Mini)

    Modular Tooling Plates (Mini)

    Modular Fixturing

    These small, quick-change tooling plates are ideal for using our Mini (5/16-18) modular system on a vertical or horizontal machining center, either by mounting the plates on a Standard (1/2-13) modular tooling plate or block, or directly on the machine table. Cast iron material provides superior accuracy, dimensional stability, and vibration dampening. Finish machined to tight tolerances, with a grid of multipurpose holes spaced at 1.0000" within .0004" of the true position. 9.75" x 13.75" plate size.

    Multipurpose Holes

    Each multipurpose hole on a Mini System MF25 tooling plate or block has a 1/2" ID bushing on top with a 5/16-18 threaded insert below it. Multipurpose holes are located in a precise 1.0000" grid pattern, spaced within ±.0004 inches of the true position. Instead of the Locating Screws used to locate and fasten on Standard and Heavy systems, Mini System MF25 uses a 1/2" OD Locating Bushing together with a 5/16-18 socket-head cap screw to provide high strength despite smaller component size.


    Locate on a modular tooling plate or block with Fixture Locating Pins (1 round pin and 1 diamond pin). Fasten with Socket-Head Cap Screws. See Related Products below to order.

    Two Sure-Lock Fixture Keys are required to locate this tooling plate on a T-slotted table (order separately to fit specific machine). Fasten using four clamps, such as the Forged Adjustable Clamps shown here. See Related Products below to order.


    Body > Gray cast iron, ASTM class 40. Bushings > High-carbon steel, heat treated. Threaded inserts > Steel. Protection Plugs > Plastic.

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    SKU: CL-MF40-0112
    MPN: CL-MF40-0112
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    Small, extra-long Rectangular Tooling Plates for Mini-size modular systems. Finish ground to tight tolerances, with all multipurpose holes spaced within .0004" of true position.

    Rectangular Tooling Plates (Mini)