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    Raptor Workholding Products

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    We are a licensed distributor of Raptor Workholding products. Our prices are set under list so you reap the benefits of the products and are rewarded for doing business with us.

    Raptor workholding products are made by manufacturers, for manufacturers. They understand that all applications are not the same and come in various shapes and sizes. With raptor workholdings, each product can work independently or together to accommodate any job at hand. Whether you're using visespinch blocks or air manifolds, they are proven to give decreased set up time with higher yielding production and shorter cycle times.

    The fixtures feature a single-sided solid dovetail interface which gives you a solid stop when tightening the spring loaded stainless steel dovetail clamps on the opposite side. An extruded locating screw provides an additional locating feature to help you place your workpiece in the exact spot for repeat jobs. This also helps to prevent someone from loading the workpiece in backward.

    These positioning and clamping features require a shallow dovetail “strip” which has to be machined on the clamping side of the workpiece before production machining starts. The strip width should be made out to fit the width of the dovetail fixture slot and height set to 1/8 inch. This strip, even though it is just a little stock, provides enough clamping power to hold your workpiece in all 5 axis.

    The dovetail strip is easily machined with a standard 60-degree dovetail cutter which can also be purchased through RWP. To keep the sliding, a slot must be milled into the strip. Many of these features are standardized, so a programmer will be able to duplicate these processes quickly and easily. This also helps to cut down on setup time.

    Machine operators have an easy time loading and unloading the materials because it’s made for simple setup. Just load the strip into the slot and have the pin slip into the designated milled slot. Clamp jaws are then tightened to stop side-to-side movement and can secure large workpieces even during heavy cuts.


    raptor workholding adapter and riser fixture cutaway

    Raptor 5-axis dovetail fixtures give you access to five full sides, or axis, to speed up your manufacturing process. This allows your operator to do one single program to complete a big job. It is all made for quick access while offering enough strength to keep your part from shifting.

    Raptor gets out of your way so you can get the job done.