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    Plastic C Clamps

    Plastic C Clamps

    Clamps & Accessories

    Lightweight C clamps made of high-strength fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic. Ideal for finishing operations and other corrosive environments, with no stripping required after use. Also ideal whenever a lightweight C clamp is required to avoid damage to surroundings due to a dropped C clamp. Comfortable thumbscrew for easy hand tightening. Available in the three versions shown below.

    Plastic C Clamps – Swivel Pad

    The version shown here has a swivel pad with a large contact area, for general-purpose clamping. Available in the following four sizes:
    Size 1 3/4" Opening
    Size 2 1-3/8" Opening
    Size 3 1-7/8" Opening
    Size 4 3-3/8" Opening

    Plastic C Clamps – Radius Tip

    The version shown here has a radius tip to minimize contact area. The screw can be retracted farther on this version (without the swivel foot) for greater clamping range. Available in the following four sizes:
    Size 1 1-3/16" Opening
    Size 2 1-13/16" Opening
    Size 3 2-3/8" Opening
    Size 4 3-7/8" Opening

    Plastic C Clamps – Alumina Oxide Tips

    The version shown here has two alumina oxide tips, well suited for two-step anodizing processes. Dual tips allow rack mounting two parts back-to-back during finishing operations. These super-hard tips, with a 1/16" radius, reduce contact area to a small point to minimize rack marks, yet still hold parts securely. Available in the following two sizes:
    Size 1 1-1/8" Opening
    Size 2 1-3/4" Opening


    Fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastic. Chemically inert and electrically non-conductive. Highly resistant to virtually all acid and alkalis solutions, and boiling water. 212°F maximum recommended continuous operating temperature, 290°F maximum for intermittent operation. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

    Plastic C Clamps