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    Monday, June 11, 2018

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    High precision with unbeatable clamping force characterizes the Piranha self-centering vise.  Made in Switzerland, the Piranha system is available in 2 styles: Snapper and Gepard.  The Snapper uses a serrated jaw, designed to clamp forgings, castings and wrought material that has not been pre-machined.  The industry-leading clamping force allows for the most aggressive machining, resulting in reduced cycle times.  The Gepard is a modular jaw system utilizing aluminum and steel machinable jaws, serrated jaws, smooth step jaws and a combination serrated/step jaw.  The Piranha vise is the lowest profile system on the market and the zero point system provides a high degree of repeatability resulting in reduced process time when setting up new components.  The open bed design allows for quick and easy chip evacuation which saves wear and tear on screw segment.  Depending on the model and jaw configuration, capacities range from 0.00" to 9.37".

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