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    NAAMS Locating Pins

    We offer all NAAMS locating pins, respot pins, and pin retainers. Whether current and even discontinued, our capabilities allow us to manufacture to any specifications in NAAMS standards or custom orders. There are a variety of cone and round construction configurations with different slot sizes. Read on to learn more about the different types of locating pins and how they are offered through the NAAMS catalog.

    Types of Locating Pins

    naams locating pin with small head

    Small Head Pins
    Small head locating pins are typically smaller than the pin's shoulder, which is 22 or 25mm in diameter. The NAAMS Standards pin diameter sizes for small heads are 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 13mm, 16mm, and 19mm. 

    naams locating pin with large head

    Large Head Pins
    Large head locating pins have heads wider than the insert bases which is a diameter of 15.98mm. The standard sizes for large heads are offered in 25mm, 30mm, 35mm, and 40mm.

    naams retractable locating pin

    Retractable Pins
    All retractable pins come with a slotted hole meant for an 8mm socket head shoulder screw assembly. The standard offerings are the same as the small heads and large heads but retractable locating pins do not come with shoulders because of the added slot and hole configuration. 

    naams locating pins showing bullet-nose, diamond pins, and cone pins

    CAD models from
    Bullet Nose Pins, Diamond Pins, and Cone Pins
    Bullet nose and cone pins come as 4-way and 2-way pins like diamond pins. They work as 4-way pins by restricting the motion from 2 different axis, stopping the located part in 4 separate directions. This helps to keep your workpieces in place during the automation or manufacturing process. As 2-way pins, they come with two slits and the diamond pins come with a diamond shaped head. This limits the free motion to only 1 axis or 2 degrees of movement. Using a configuration of both 2 and 4-way pins help to hold workpieces in the desired place.

    naams locating pins with round and sphere heads

    Round and Sphere Pins
    Round and sphere pins are the most common and come as a 4-way. Though they are most common, they can present problems suck as binding the workpiece. It is recommended to use them in conjunction with 2-way pins.

    Hardening Process

    Induction System
    We have our very own induction machine to do in-house heat treat hardening. No more waiting for long lead times due to outsourced hardening jobs or the old-fashioned and less consistent flame hardening. The Induction Systems Heat Treat Power Flex instantly heats locating pins to a bright red glow. As the steel hardens, it is quickly cooled down with warm water to keep the process and finished product consistent every time. All of our pins are hardened to 58-62 hRC unless otherwise specified by the customer. Click on the video above to see it in action.

     naams locating pin with titanium nitride coating

    Titanium nitride, or tinite, is a ceramic material that is very strong with a golden appearance. When applied as a coating, it extends the lifespan of a product and gives better edge retention. Resistance to corrosion and reduced friction add to the value of TiN coated locating pins and make it worth the extra cost in the long run. All of our NAAMS standards pins ending with a T come with a TiN coating on the tip portion but can be added on to any custom order. The coating is set to roughly 3 microns thick. 
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    All of our pins are American made, manufactured with ANSI 4140 steel (A2 for TiN Coated and M2 quote only) and hardened in-house to 58-62 hRC. In our many years of doing TiN coating, we've found A2 and M2 steel to be able to hold hardening the best throughout all processes. While 4140, 6150, and 8620 steel dropped to 44-46 hRC after the coating, A2 and M2 were found to be able to achieve 58-60 hRC. We are ISO 9001:2015 certification so you can be confident that you'll receive the highest quality NAAMS locating pins and pin retainers around.

    Call us at 586-463-3200 or email for custom locating pins and pin retainers.

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    CAD Models
    If you wish to receive specific locating pin models, you may send your requests to

    NAAMS Locating Pins