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    Modular Welding Tables

    modular welding tables

    Modular welding tables are a great way to help reduce setup times for complex components and fixtures that require great precision. With assembling and disassembling times down, you can expect less downtime and more opportunities for new customers and projects. It is the ideal choice for Research & Development and even production runs. Easily and quickly set up and break down modular holds with clamps, brackets, and blocks.

    Our tables are fully customizable so you can make them stationary or mobile. Mobile legs come on swivel casters with and without brakes for easy movement around the shop with a max load capacity of 500kg. Stationary standard legs are set at 650mm with the highest max load capacity of 5 tons and telescopic legs can be adjusted from 550 to 900mm with leg load of 3 tons.

    We offer all modular fixtures to accompany any job that comes your way. They’re manufactured with standardized sizing, so you can connect and combine them to make an unlimited number of configurations. It doesn’t matter if you have a small job or a big complex construction in front of you, the fixtures can hold it in place while you put it all together. Anything from brackets to stops and all sorts of clamps, they all work together for you.

    If you want great precision and accuracy without having to fabricate specific fixtures for all of your constructions, then modular welding tables are the way to go.

    For more information, go to our modular welding page here!

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