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    Indexing, Locking, Blocking with Pins and Ball-Shaped Elements

    Indexing Plungers, Ball Plungers, and Spring Plungers for various assembly

    JW Winco offers a wide range of Indexing, Ball, and Spring Plungers. These locking systems designed to facilitate repetitive positioning operations on machines and equipment or parts undergoing machining. When you need to align, hold, or latch different parts of equipment together, you need a spring-loaded device.

    Types of Winco plungers

    Winco offers a comprehensive range of pins. With this extensive range, the right standard part for interlocking is always available for practically every type of application.

    Indexing plungers

    An indexing plunger is a normed detent device. Standard parts and machine elements can be fixed in a certain position using indexing plungers. They create a secure connection with limited play. The conventional indexing plunger is usually actuated with a pull button.

    Cam action indexing plungers

    Cam action indexing plungers are a modified variant of the indexing plungers. The lock can be released by turning the bolt.

    Clamping indexing plungers

    Clamping indexing plungers are used for positioning, securing and clamping adjusting elements at the same time. Where defined bores are available for engaging the integrated pin, the positive connection typical of a pin is used. At any other position, the clamping indexing plunger utilizes friction locking.

    Locking pins

    Locking pins are used for quick fixing, connecting and locking of various parts and workpieces. Pressing the spring-loaded push button unlocks both balls, and releasing it locks the balls again.

    Thrust pads

    Spring thrust pads are generally used as pressure pins in applications. A spring thrust pad is used when a workpiece has to be quickly fixed, indexed or positioned in a toolmaking or mechanical engineering application. The locking function is simple, useful and functional. Winco's range is very wide to cover many applications.

    Indexing plungers, detent pins, locking pins and thrust pads for every application

    Winco offers the right locking pin for every application. Every pin types is available in a variety of materials. If required, Winco pins can be tailored to special customer requirements.

    Our industrial product has been used in many different machines, equipment, and applications in multiple different industries including:

    • Packaging
    • Medical
    • Food Processing
    • Aerospace
    • Agriculture and Farming
    • Automation
    • Automotive Aftermarket
    • Automotive and Specialty Truck/vehicle
    • Construction
    • Entertainment – stage, grip, lighting, music, and sound
    • Forestry
    • Ground Support Equipment
    • Hardware
    • Labeling
    • Manufacturing
    • Maritime - marine, boat, yacht, and ship
    • Material Handling
    • Metalworking
    • Military
    • Mining
    • Paper Converting
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Printing
    • Recreation
    • Sporting and exercise equipment
    • Transportation
    • Aviation – airplane, helicopter, and experimental aircraft
    • Attractions and Amusement Rides - Hotels, Resorts, Water Parks, Museums, Zoos, Aquariums, Roller Coaster, and Theme Parks

    Indexing, Locking, Blocking with Pins and Ball-Shaped Elements