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    High Rise Clamps

    High-Rise Clamps

    Modular Fixturing, Clamps & Accessories

    All-in-one assemblies designed for securely clamping taller workpieces. High-Rise Clamps incorporate a Slotted-Heel Clamp Strap, which has a slot underneath to slide straight back for clear loading. The version shown here has a tapped-nose to accept a contact bolt. An indentation at the rear of each side provides a secure finger grip for retracting the clamp. Modular design allows stacking these clamps on Riser Blocks and Spacer Blocks for additional height. Made in the USA.

    The High-Rise Clamps shown here are for Mini System MF25 (5/16-18 stud size). For our complete selection of High-Rise Clamps, see Related Products below.

    Application Information

    High-Rise Clamps can be stacked on riser blocks for additional height.


    A hex-head cap screw is required for mounting (see table below to order).


    Clamp strap > 1018 steel, carburized-hardened, black oxide finish. Other components > See catalog page for each specific item.

    High Rise Clamps