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    Hand Pumps (Two Stage, Medium Reservoir)

    Hand Pumps (Two Stage, Medium Reservoir)

    Power Workholding

    7250 psi max
    For Single-Acting Systems

    A manually-operated hydraulic power source for moderate-size fixtures. Two-stage Hand Pumps provide faster pressurization than single-stage pumps, with automatic switching from 900-psi low stage to 7250-psi high stage. Compact and portable. Totally self-contained. Easily adjustable pressure setting. Pump and release with the same lever. Excellent service life because internal components are virtually wear-free. Hand Pumps are suitable for smaller clamping fixtures and assembly operations where automatic pressure control is not required. Hand operation is ideal when extra "feel" is required for assembly and/or test fixtures.


    Turn the pressure-adjustment knob to set desired operating pressure. To clamp, move pump lever downward to pump fluid, through a 40° stroke. Lever returns upward by spring force after each stroke. Repeat until you reach the set pressure, where the lever de-clutches. To unclamp, lift pump lever 10° upward, against a spring force, to release clamping force instantly.

    Mounting & Setup

    Mount unit upright, using the two mounting holes provided. The unit is ready to operate after you fill the reservoir with clean, approved Hydraulic Fluid. Do not use NPT fittings for hydraulic connections.

    Hand Pumps (Two Stage, Medium Reservoir)