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    Dovetail Fixtures

    Dovetail Fixtures

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    Raptor RWP-002SS

    SKU: RPT-RWP-002SS
    MPN: RWP-002SS
    0.75" Stainless Steel Dovetail Fixture

    Raptor RWP-003

    SKU: RPT-RWP-003
    MPN: RWP-003
    0.75" Aluminum Dovetail 5C Collet Fixture

    Raptor RWP-003-4X

    SKU: RPT-RWP-003-4X
    MPN: RWP-003-4X
    The Nest: (4) RWP-003 0.75" Dovetail Fixtures on one base. Multi-fixture

    Raptor RWP-004

    SKU: RPT-RWP-004
    MPN: RWP-004
    1.50" Aluminum Dovetail Fixture

    Raptor RWP-006

    SKU: RPT-RWP-006
    MPN: RWP-006
    2.25" Aluminum Dovetail Fixture

    Raptor RWP-006SS

    SKU: RPT-RWP-006SS
    MPN: RWP-006SS
    2.25" Stainless Steel Dovetail Fixture