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    Dayton Lamina, Danly IEM & Lempco

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    Dayton Lamina, Danly IEM, and the Lempco product families offer a wide range of products for metal stamping, forming and plastic molding.

    These product sets include guide posts, bushings, die springs, punches, air presses, wear plates and cams, die set guiding components and other tool & die and mold components for the metalworking and plastics industries.

    View or download any of their product catalogs below and then call us at (586) 463-3200 or email for a fast quote at a great price.

    aerial & die mount wide camsbox cams & bump camsdiemax xl  springsjis springsinch pins and bushingsmetric pins and bushingswear productsaccu-bend rotary bendersaerial camsdie accessoriesformathane urethanein-die tappingsurface mount bearing assembliesutility springsuniversal camslamcam roller camslamcam diemount camsball bearing productsdiemax l die springsflat productshydraulic equipmenthydraulic motorslamglide bushingsmarsh mellow die springsposi-bend rotary benderround die productsround mold productslamina bronze

    Dayton Lamina, Danly IEM & Lempco