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    Modular Welding Clamps

    Modular welding clamps are fixture clamps that are used as workholding tools in a setup. The force exerted from the clamp pads hold workpieces in place while you work. Whenever you need an extra hand or precision is key in your set, use clamps to keep your modular welding setup together.

    Clamp Components

    modular welding clamp tubes

    Modular welding clamps use a tube system which is interchangeable for whichever clamp head you need and allows for fast height and length adjustments to make precise setups. Tube lengths come in 220mm, 350mm, and 500mm. The tube has a 90° cylinder bore at the end which allows you to either use a clamp positioner or an extension with another tube. The interchangeable clamping tubes come with either a 90° turn or a 45° turn.

    modular welding round pad and stop piece for clamps
    Round Pad and Stop Piece

    Round pads and stop pieces for modular welding clamps are used as a base for toggle clamps. Our toggle clamps come attached to either a round pad or stop piece but have hole configurations for your desired toggle clamp. Round pads fit directly into the 28mm bores for the modular welding table with a 50mm diameter top bad for toggle clamps. The standard stop piece is 100mm by 57mm and sits 25mm high. Locking the block into the system bore requires an STQ bolt or connecting bolt. The added height and length gives you more versatility for precision.

    Types of Clamps
    All clamps come with the optional tube lengths of 220mm, 350mm, and 500mm in either 90° or 45°.

    Hex Head Clamp for modular welding tables
    Hex Head Clamp

    The hex head modular welding clamp comes with an SW14 hexagon bolt attached to a clamping pad. Using this setup allows you to torque down on the clamp for maximum force and pressure on your workpieces. Though setup may take just slightly longer using a ratchet or pliers, it is still a quick and easy clamp to use when more clamping force is needed for a precise setup.

    Screw Clamp for modular welding table with 45 degree
    Screw Clamp
    A screw clamp for modular welding tables are the standard and most widely used. They come with a screwdriver handle allowing you to adjust clamping pressure quickly. Setting up and breaking down your modular welding table setup is fast and easy with just a twist of the screw clamp. See how efficient they are on your next setup.

    Quick Clamp for modular welding tables
    Quick Clamp
    The quick clamp fixture for modular welding tables utilizes a toggle clamp for operation. With a quick 90° single motion, you can reach maximum clamp pressure. Adjustment happens with adjusting washers on the toggle clamp giving you a precision hold on workpieces.

    90 degree screw clamp for modular welding tables90° Screw Clamp
    The 90-degree screw clamp has its own dedicated tube with a 360° swivel top. This versatile screw clamp gives you the ability to apply horizontal force or 90° from the base. With the swivel top, you’re able to quickly adjust the clamp without adjusting the whole tube itself.

    toggle clamps for modular welding tables
    Toggle Clamps
    Toggle clamps for modular welding tables work together with either a round pad or stop block. Easily interchange with the stock clamp or your desire clamp for your workpiece setup. With the use of toggle clamps, you're able to work on much smaller workpieces and hit much more precise locations.

    Complete Modular Welding Table Catalog

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    2P – Clamping Bridge

    SKU: MWT-28-87018-000
    MPN: 28-87018-000
    Email Sales for Pricing
    Two Point Clamping Bridge >Can be used with a clamping cushion.

    3P - Clamming Bridge 170x35x20

    SKU: MWT-28-87018-001
    MPN: 28-87018-001
    Email Sales for Pricing
    The 3P clamping bridge hold in positions which are difficult to clamp, using the 3P clamping bridge you’re able to clamp onto uneven surface.
    Item maybe New but in Used condition
    Contact us for more details and pricing
    SKU- 28-87018-001

    Adapter of toggle clamp 100x60x25mm

    SKU: MWT-28-86001-101
    MPN: 28-86001-101
    Toggle Fixable Base
    Fast clamp fixing, positioning, adjusting and clamping.

    Adapter of toggle clamp Dia. 75mm

    SKU: MWT-28-86002-100
    MPN: 28-86002-100
    Used for fixing and positioning fast clamps.
    Dia. 75mm

    Clamp with Hex Head 45 Degree / 350

    SKU: MWT-28-89035-002
    MPN: 28-89035-002
    45 degree hex head clamp with 350mm vertical tube for 28mm system bore. With dimensions of 220 x 350mm and a span of 270mm.
    *Additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact sales at 586-463-3200 for more information

    Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Round Pad

    SKU: MWT-28-86002-000
    MPN: 28-86002-000
    Horizontal toggle clamp with dimensions of 27 x 50mm.
    *Additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact sales at 586-463-3200 for more information

    Horizontal Toggle Clamp with Stop Piece

    SKU: MWT-28-86002-001
    MPN: 28-86002-001
    Horizontal toggle clamp with dimensions of 27 x 50mm.
    *Additional shipping charges may apply. Please contact sales at 586-463-3200 for more information

    Push & Pull Toggle Clamp 305c

    SKU: MWT-305C
    MPN: GTY-305C
    Email Sales for Pricing
    90 degree Handle
    Hold Capacity: 550lbs
    Comes with Adapter DIA: 70mm

    Push & Pull Toggle Clamp 305E

    SKU: MWT-305E
    MPN: GTY-305E
    Email Sales for Pricing
    Handle 90 degree
    Hold capacity: 848 lbs
    Comes with Toggle Adapter 105x60x25mm

    Modular Welding Clamps