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    Automatically Adjusting

    Automatically Adjusting

    Toggle Clamps

    Open Arm, Flanged Base

    Automatically adjusts for different workpiece thicknesses. Clamps with the same, repeatable force anywhere within its 1/2" automatic-adjustment range. Ideal for welding fixtures, machining fixtures for castings, fixtures holding several part sizes within the same family, or any other application where part size can vary. Fits in the same space, and provides the same clamping force as the same-size standard toggle clamp. Arm opens 87° while handle moves 80°. The open arm provides adjustable spindle location. 750 lbs holding capacity. Patent number 4,407,493. Made in the USA.

    Clamping Action

    Clamped Position - Low Limit -1/4"
    Clamped Position - High Limit +1/4"

    Setup & Operation

    Easy to use. To set up initially, first adjust the contact spindle so that the arm is horizontal at average workpiece height. Next, set desired clamping force once, by turning the adjustment screw with a screwdriver. Approximately 250 lbs clamping force is the most that can be applied by hand, at the farthest spindle location. After that, operate just like a standard toggle clamp – the patented adjusting mechanism does the rest.


    Supplied with 3/8-16 radius spindle CL-38200-RS and (2) CL-3811-TW flanged washers.


    Clamp body > 1008, 1010, and/or 1018 steel, zinc plated clear chromate. Rivets > 400-series stainless. Handle > Vinyl. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

    Automatically Adjusting