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    Air Power Units

    Air Power Units

    Power Workholding

    7250 psi max
    For Single-Acting and Double-Acting Systems
    Economical, self-contained power unit that requires only a shop-air connection to operate. Automatically restarts to maintain system pressure, and holds pressure even if air supply fails. Quiet, long-life reciprocating-piston pump. The large reservoir provides enough fluid capacity for virtually any fixture. Leak-free poppet valves and fittings. The complete turnkey unit includes a clamping valve, filter/regulator/lubricator, hydraulic-pressure gauge, air-pressure gauge, muffler, and air extractor/dryer.

    Control Options

    Control Option 1:
    For single-acting systems only. This configuration has a hand-operated 3-way clamping valve mounted on the power unit, providing a clamping-pressure port "A".
    Control Option 2:
    For single-acting systems only. Same as option 1, except with an air-pilot-operated 3-way clamping valve mounted on the power unit, controlled by a remote air valve (air valve and 10-ft air hoses furnished).
    Control option 3:
    For single-acting and double-acting systems. This configuration has a cover block mounted on the power unit, providing a constant-pressure port "A" and a return port "R" (return port is required when separate clamping valves are used to clamp multiple workpieces independently – leave the push-button switch in "clamped" position so that the "A" port supplies constant pressure). Use with the remote 4-way clamping valve furnished (includes two 6-ft hydraulic hoses), or order alternative clamping valves separately.


    The heart of this unit is a precision, long-life tandem-reciprocating-piston pump. Automatic pressure control is assured because the pump automatically restarts if pressure drops. Adjust output hydraulic pressure (2400 to 7500 psi range) by adjusting input air pressure using the unit's air regulator. Only 70-psi air pressure is required to provide 7500-psi hydraulic pressure.

    Mounting & Setup

    Mount power unit upright, preferably above fixture level to keep the unit clean. Power units can also be mounted on the machine tool using an angle bracket. The unit is ready to run after you fill the reservoir with clean, approved Hydraulic Fluid and connect to an air supply. Do not use NPT fittings for hydraulic connections.

    Air Power Units