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    Carr Lock® Subplates (500 x 1000mm)

    Carr Lock® Subplates (500 x 1000mm)

    Jig & Fixture Bases


    Carr Lock® Subplates are precision-machined steel plates with Carr Lock® Receiver Bushings installed in a standard pattern. These subplates serve as the foundation of an efficient quick-change fixturing system. Subplates should generally be large enough to cover most of the machine table, for maximum fixture flexibility, but should never extend beyond the machine table. For maximum quick-change benefits, subplates are usually left permanently on the machine table while only the mounted fixtures or vises are exchanged. Made in the USA.

    The 500 x 1000mm subplate is shown here has (18) 20mm and (8) 25mm Face-Mount Receiver Bushings for mounting any of the following:

    (2) 14 x 14 Carr Lock® Fixture Plates
    (1) 14 x 14 Carr Lock® Fixture Plate (Centered)
    (2) 400 x 400mm Carr Lock® Fixture Plates
    (1) 400 x 400mm Carr Lock® Fixture Plate (Centered)
    (1) 16 x 20 Carr Lock® Fixture Plate
    (2) 500 x 500mm Carr Lock® Fixture Plates
    (4) Carr Lock® Jigsaw Vise Plates

    This subplate is also available as part of four Carr Lock® System Kits (see Related Products below).

    Application Information

    Subplate with (2) 14 x 14 Fixture Plates (System Kit CL-5001000-00-CLSK)
    Subplate with (1) 14 x 14 Fixture Plate
    Subplate with (2) 400 x 400 Fixture Plates (System Kit CL-5001000-01-CLSK)
    Subplate with (1) 400 x 400 Fixture Plate
    Subplate with (1) 16 x 20 Fixture Plate
    Subplate with (2) 500 x 500mm Fixture Plates (System Kit CL-5001000-02-CLSK)
    Subplate with (4) Jigsaw Vise Plates (System Kit CL-5001000-03-CLSK)


    The Carr Lock® System is extremely accurate. All Receiver-Bushing installation holes are located +/-.0002" from their primary reference hole. Clamping repeatability is +/-.0005", while bushing concentricity is .0002" TIR. The resulting x/y-axis repeatability of a mounted fixture plate is +/-.0028" considering all tolerance accumulation.


    Two locating holes for Sure-Lock™ Fixture Keys are provided for alignment with a slotted machine table. Fasten to the machine using the eight mounting holes, with Socket-Head Cap Screws and T Nuts to match the machine table.

    Design Considerations & Safety Precautions

    Never use a subplate that extends beyond the machine table on which it is mounted.


    Subplate > Carbon steel. Receiver Bushings > 4340 steel, heat treated Rc 50-54, black oxide finish. DFARS and RoHS compliant.

    Carr Lock® Subplates (500 x 1000mm)